Loxston Groundcare - IRUS DELTRAK 2.5

Deltrak 2.5 Product Details

  • Lower centre of gravity than any diesel tracked remote control mower. The engine is up to 30% lower than competitors. The traction unit is 25% lighter to provide traction on 55 degree slopes or traversing soft terrain. The perfectly balanced traction unit is quite unique
  • New 38 HP Turbocharged Kubota engine with special engine cooling features.
  • Larger radiator with hydraulic thermo controlled reversing system
  • Tilting engine allows weight transfer to the high side track when traversing across slopes while controlling lubrication at safety levels.
  • Shaft driven hydraulic pack with upgraded high capacity axial piston pumps
  • Larger hydraulic motors.
  • Large swing up extruded aluminium twin hydraulic oil coolers mounted in the front of the machine, this prevents hydraulic heat transfer to the engine cooling system.
  • Hydraulic cooling fans now have a self cleaning reversing function.
  • Choice of tracks, rubber, rubber / metal inserts with cleats / rubber metal inserts with spikes.
  • Improvements over the previous model are everywhere.
  • Attachments include stumps grinder, forestry mulcher, flail decks, side shift mechanisms, helicopter sling frame, brush protector, rotary broom, sickle bar mowers. And more.
  • Forestry Mulcher, able to mulch a 200mm branch or quickly dispose of a 400mm stump, in one pass. Utilises the new higher capacity and power axial piston pumps and motors while ensuring continuous power provided by the oversized hydraulic oil cooling system.
  • Irus, Made in Germany with eighty seven years of experience.


Wed, Mar 21, 2018 9:51 AM
Loxston Groundcare
New Road
Seavington St Mary
TA19 0QU
United Kingdom


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