The JCB WORKMAX 1000 D is a tough, versatile, powerful UTV, designed to carry out a wide range of tasks. Powered by a 26 hp 1028cc three-cylinder Kohler diesel engine, these utility trucks weigh 850 kg, have an all-up load capacity of 700 kg and have an unbraked tow limit of 500 kg.

Built with heavy-duty load carrying componentry (like the steel chequer-plated drop-sided rear cargo deck), independent all-round suspension, and superior off-road and hill-climb performance (due largely to a 228 mm minimum ground clearance), put simply, the JCB WORKMAX 1000 D is at home anywhere, carrying out more or less any task.

The JCB WORKMAX 1000 D is designed to produce results anywhere. As such, we build everything onto a one-piece structure with maximum strength for optimum power to weight ratio. We’ve fitted a potent 26 hp 3 cylinder liquid cooled Kohler diesel engine. Selectable low or high range, selectable 4WD, selectable diff lock and a variable 2 speed CVT transmission help these utility trucks access remote areas.

A 31mph top speed means this 4x4 utility vehicle can easily keep up with the fastest farm equipment and there’s a 40-litre fuel tank to keep you going for longer between fills.

Of course, productivity is nothing without durability, which is why we’ve designed the JCB WORKMAX 1000 D with the following features to keep it hard at work.


  • Engine and drivetrain mounted on unique chassis-mounted steel armour plate protective underbelly
  • Front and underbody protection fitted as standard
  • Standard heavy-duty dual element air filter
  • High-mounted air intake allows wading without engine damage
  • Sealed transmission
  • Kevlar CVT belt for superior strength and durability