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John Chambers has a 35 year history of supplying native British wildflower seed and mixtures to landscape architects, contractors and garden designers across the UK. Green-tech acquired the business in 2013, rebranded and modernised and now John Chambers Wildflower Seed sits within the Green-tech family

The Green-tech team behind John Chambers has researched the soil types, growing-environments, colours and flowering periods of each individual stocked seed and can provide the best possible advice. They have developed a portfolio of wildflower seed mixtures that are specifically suited to your landscape project. All of the traditional methods and techniques of seed preparation have been retained and all seed is cleaned by hand, a labour intensive process that will only achieve the highest quality standards. The quality of seed that is supplied is consistent; whether as part of a mix for a landscape project or a single species for a country garden, the best seed will be hand processed and dispatched to ensure optimum growth and success no matter the climate or soil quality.


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