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Kurtail is a non selective weed killer, results seen in 7 days, controls grasses and broadleaved weeds

At the rate recommended below, Kurtail weedkiller will give complete control of annual and perennial weeds including thistles, couch grass and the nightmare weed horse tail (often confused with mare's tail (hippuris vulgaris), mares tail is an aquatic weed, please note Kurtail is not approved for aquatic use).

Kurtail is degraded after contact with the soil and crops can be drilled or planted immediately after application except on sands or very light or immature peat soils. When using Kurtail on these soils allow 3 days to elapse before planting or drilling or before emergence of crops drilled prior to treatment. For best results treatment should be made to actively growing weeds between 1st March and 30th September. Kurtail works only when plants are actively growing. 

Kurtail will give effective control of horsetail/mares tail through foliar (leaf) application. Best results are obtained by applying to approximately 20cm of heathy plant growth above ground. It is also preferable to allow the horsetail/marestail weed to wither and die naturally before cutting or removing the weed. If this is not possible, then a minimum of 3 weeks should elapse before cutting or removing. Any horsetail/mares tail roots which emerge after treatment will require respraying.

Our recommended dilution rate is 25ml Kurtail to 1ltr water covers 50m2
For agricultural or horticultural non-cropped situations, apply 3.0 - 5.0 Litres/ha; use higher dose for perennial weed control. Horsetail/Mare's tail control requires the 5 Litres/ha rate.

Please note that more than one application may be required, as new growth can emerge after the initial application.


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