Scotscape Ltd - Living Walls

Living Walls are a relatively new phenomena in the UK. The first ‘serious’ walls were constructed in 2007 and from then until now much Research and Development has gone into producing walls that will last.

Our ANSystem Living Wall is a fully irrigated peat free soil /compost system. With regular maintenance these walls should last over 10 years.

Not only do Living Walls offer design solutions to awkward urban spaces and carry a ‘WOW’ factor, they can bring flora & fauna, colour & biodiversity to buildings and city centres.

As we are encouraged to adopt sustainability in city and building development and be aware of environmental issues, Living Walls with their Green Credentials have become topical.

They enable property developers and Boroughs achieve BREEAM ‘points’ which can facilitate the granting of planning permissions.


Wed, Sep 7, 2016 10:15 AM
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