MM Seed - MM Range

Quality Sports & Amenity Turf starts with an MM seed mixture

Limagrain UK Ltd is part of Group Limagrain, the largest plant breeding and seed development company in the EU and one of the largest seed companies in the world. As a global seed business Limagrain has access to a wide range of grass varieties and cultivars which have been produced from an extensive programme of research and trialling.

The best sports and amenity turf always starts with Limagrain MM seed.

When it comes to product performance and appearance, top sports grounds throughout the country know they can rely on MM grass seed. The MM mixtures have a proven track record of producing the best possible swards for the intended end usage.

Mixture Formulation
MM cultivars are blended carefully into formulated mixtures which have proved successful in meeting the demands of the modern sports and amenity environment. The choice of species and varieties within each mixture are carefully considered so that they are compatible and together will produce a high quality sward.

Seed Quality
The performance of the grasses in the MM range are not the only measure of the quality of our seed. Minimum standards for germination and purity are set by the EU, but we strive to achieve much higher standards which can be confirmed via staff in our own licensed seed teating facility, to ensure that our MM mixtures always deliver the highest quality in relation to purity and germination. In addition all varieties used in the MM range have been thoroughly tested at the Sports Turf Research Institute, so you can be sure this quality product will meet your requirements for play, appearance and maintenance.

All the information you need about the MM mixtures can be found in our latest MM catalogue - this can be viewed via the PDF file at the top of the page or you can request a hard copy which can be posted to you.

In the catalogue you will find a reference to our special range of 2 non-native annual flower species designed to provide an eye catching splash of colour at golf courses, municipal gardens, roundabouts and a whole host of other locations.


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