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Multihog MH90 Product Summary
Self propelled, diesel powered, hydrostatically driven implement carrier.

The Multihog main benefits include:
- Increased Productivity
- Decreased Downtime
- Increased Versatility of Applications
- Increased Safety
- Operator and Maintenance Friendly

Advantages & Features

Multihog Tilting Driver Station 
- The driver always remains sitting in a vertical position when transversing a slope,

  • improving comfort, 
  • improving centre of gravity
  • reducing driver fatigue
  • increasing safety


Quick Release Attachment Mechanism
Quick release attachment system enables the operation of a range of different implements.  
- Changing attachments normally takes less than 2 minutes.

  • increasing the all season versatility of the Multihog implement carrier

- The ability to tilt attachments up to a 52° angle allows easy access to the undercarriage of attachments and implements

- The ability to lift attachments up to 1 ½ foot allows excellent ground clearance


Towing Ability
-Suitable for towing trailers up to 3500kg. This greatly increases the range of applications the tractors can be used for.

Multihog Sure Drive Differential Lock 
- No loss of power when differential lock is engaged.
- Can be engaged at any stage during full operation.
- Traction greatly improved with minimum ground disturbance.
- Safety improved.
- Productivity levels increased.



Fully Enclosed Fitted Cab - With Air-Conditioning & Heating System
- Comfortable working environment all year round environments.

- Improved noise insulation and vibration reduction - helps reduce driver fatigue.


Rear Mounting Platforms For Different Attachments
Significantly increases the versatility of the machine and the different applications the Multihog can be used for, e.g. road gritter, man lift etc.


Pivot Steer
- Better manoeuvrability and

-Better control and operation of heavy front attachments.


Registered For Road Use


Low Centre of Gravity Design and Wide Wheel Base

Quick Release Dual Tyres 
- Extra Stability




The Multihog’s versatility, robustness and ability to operate numerous attachments productively is what differentiates it from any other implement carrier.

The Multihog tractor is suited to a range of applications including

-industrial grass cutting tractor

-road sweeping vehicle 

-road cleaning vehicle

-snow blowing implement carrier

-snow ploughing tractor

-hedge cutting vehicle

-road gritting implement carrier

With its towing capacity and capability to operate both front and rear hydraulic attachments, the range of applications is endless.

The Multihog tractor is designed around ease of maintenance, all year usage, operator comfort and safety and the ability to operate in areas and on terrain not usually accessible with current machinery.,

Engineered for a longer lifespan and with operator safety being a crucial design consideration, numerous specific vehicles can be replaced by one versatile machine, the Multihog.


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