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The Pegasus tractor-mounted triple-deck rotary is the top-selling Trimax mower, and no wonder, since in the UK it is steadily replacing cylinder machines in the contractor and amenity sectors for all kinds of wide-area cutting. Low maintenance, durability in the harshest of environments, and ability to deal smoothly with longer, heavier grass conditions are key factors influencing many a turf manager, especially when it easily matches cylinders for quality of cut. The Pegasus is designed specifically to meet all of these needs, and does.

Turf professionals will tell you presentation is everything, for sports fields and open-air amenities, and the latest Pegasus, the Series 3, delivers consistently year after year. A main reason is the mower’s small diameter cutting blades, which combined with high RPM, produce ultra-high blade tip speed. In simple terms you get a cleaner cut and evenly dispersed clippings at faster mowing speeds. Impressive deck articulation and full width rollers prevent scalping and give that ‘cared for’ striped effect.

Ease of maintenance and reliability are the other telling factors in the success of the Pegasus. So confident is Trimax that Pegasus build quality and ease of access for the routine upkeep tasks will keep it mowing and out of the workshop that it offers unmatched 3-year, unlimited hours mechanical warranty on every one of them.

The Pegasus Series 4 comes in two models, Classic and ILS, each featuring full width rollers. The Classic has a cutting width of 4.93 metres, and the ILS offers a wider cut at 6.10 meters, plus electro-hydraulic controls to enable individual wing lift. Both models can be towed between sites on suspended transport wheels.


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