Pellenc - Pellenc Forestry Equipment No. 2

The fixed pole and telescopic chainsaws are powerful, easy to handle and simple to use providing a record holding chainsaw for height.

With an output greater than a petrol motor of 30 cm³ (equal to 1200W), the Selion Pole and Telescopic saws cut cleanly and with precision thanks to the standard assembly of Oregon ¼" chains, specifically designed for precision pruning.

Extremely light and equipped with a +90°/-45° flexible head, the Selion Pole and Telescopic allows vertical and horizontal cutting, even at the foot of the tree.

Similarly, the Pellenc ultra lightweight chain guide in composite material allows these chainsaws to twist flexibly and prevent breakages in the case of accidental catching.

Like handheld Pellenc chainsaws, the Selion Pole and Telescopic saws benefit from the following technological innovations:
- The tension of the automatic chain Pellenc Patent
- The retractable key Pellenc Patent
- Electronic oil flow management Pellenc Patent.

As with all other Pellenc products, the range of Selion saws benefit from the ultra high capacity technology of the ultra lithium battery and guarantees non-polluting, odourless operation and a record operating range.


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