Trimax Mowing Systems - ProCut Series 4

Trimax Mowing Systems - ProCut Series 4

This multi-spindled, tractor-trailed rotary mower has been a success in commercial mowing the world over for more than 20 years. Its robust engineering helps it withstand the toughest of environments, but it consistently produces a cut to match any cylinder. It is genuinely a long-life item of equipment and it really comes into its own for residential area cutting or for parkland work.

The latest version, the ProCut Series 4, which offers new features, improved performance, and easier maintenance, comes in a choice of four models: the 3-spindle 178 and 210, the 4-spindle 237, and the 5-spindle 290, denoting the centimeter cutting width.

Like all Trimax machines, maintenance is minimal.


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