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Sedum green roofing from Enviromat

Sales of Enviromat sedum matting are stronger than ever due to a surge in interest in living green roofs.

Creating a living green roof involves finding a delicate balance between engineering and nature.  The plants need an adequate depth of growing medium in which to survive but the building must be able to support the weight of said growing medium.  That’s where Enviromat sedum matting has proved invaluable.

Enviromat is probably the least heavy of all green roof build ups and thus the most suitable for sheds, summerhouses, garden offices and pergolas.  Being relatively lightweight, it will put less strain on the building than a build-up that uses substrate but not only that – the components are a lot easier for the contractor to physically carry up on to the roof.

When Enviromat is delivered to site there will be a nice range of low growing sedum plants already established on to a matting system that is simply unrolled onto the prepared roof.  Drainage mat and water retention mat work with the sedum mat to provide optimum conditions for the plants and so once established, this type of green roof needs minimal maintenance.

The Enviromat website offers lots of information on how to install and staff are always happy to advise.


Wed, Sep 7, 2016 10:15 AM

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