Harry West (Prees) Limited - Seko Sam 400/50-GT 5 m3 Capacity


Length 4604mm

Width 1556mm

Height 2300mm

Capacity 5m3

Weight 2600kg

Power requirement 40hp

Mixing and chopping output 10-12m3 per hour


  • With No 2 chopping and Mixing horizontal spiralled shafts of high strength steel

  • Hydraulic coupling to tractor with bowden cable control levers.

  • Left side 2000mm x 900mm Conveyor

  • Dented, demountable, adjustable counter-blades

  • Preparation for second discharge

  • Turning chopping star-shaped blades

  • Mechanical standing foot

  • Mechanical and Hydraulic braking system

  • Epicycloidal gear box with coupler

  • PTO shaft with safety bolt

  • Reverse gear for spiralled shafts

  • Road lights

  • Frame made of high steel strenth



Wed, Sep 7, 2016 10:15 AM

United Kingdom


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