Trimax Mowing Systems - Striker

This Trimax quality trailed rotary mower is for use with compact tractors and designed for year-round, non-contract maintenance of sizeable grassed areas at schools, estates, holiday parks and the like. There are two models: the 3-spindle Striker 150, which has a cutting width of 1.46 metres, and the 4-spindle Striker 190 with a 1.94 metre cutting width.

Twin virtues of the Trimax Striker are very low maintenance and the ability to cut quickly yet leave a high standard finish with little clumping of cuttings. Height of cut can easily be adjusted between 10mm and 100mm, and full-width rollers are fitted front and rear to achieve pleasing striped finish and no scalping.

The Trimax trademarked LazerBladez cutting blade system the Striker features is key to its mowing efficiency. In action, the blades tilt forward keeping the cutting edge in line with the carrier, so grass is cut evenly across the full working width and at a full range of working speeds to a pre-set height. This is particularly effective in heavier growth. A specifically engineered upturn in the trailing edge of the blades ensures consistent grass lift and clippings discharge.

The machine’s design and robust structure mean that servicing is easy and downtime minimal. Particularly important too for owner-uses is that this lightest of Trimax mowers meets all stringent international safety standards.


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