Vitax Limited - Supaturf XCEL

Finger tip controls on this unique machine, superbly engineered, elegant machine allow users to change the diluation rate without having to stop work. The neat marking liquid is held in a separate 5 litre tank with the clean water held in an adjacent 30 litre tank. By simply turning the dial, diluation rates can be varied from 1:8 to 1:20 without stopping work.

Cleaning is equally simple – flick the easy-clean tap on and the whole system is flushed with clean water.

Xcel is designed to delivery outstanding results and its unique dilution feature means that users can achieve these with high economy. The machine is particularly effective when used with SupaStadia Eco marking liquid.

  • Easy to use and even easier to clean
  • Unique design enables users to change dilution rate without stopping work
  • Line marking liquid held in a separate, 5 litre tank. Water held in an adjacent, 30 litre tank
  • Simple control allows dilution rates to vary from 1:8 to 1:20
  • Super quality, economical results. Particularly effective when used with SupaStadia Eco line marking liquid
  • Pump and battery are located below and behind the polypropylene water tank. Access and maintenance is simple and straightforward.
  • Easy-clean tap feature. Allows for full flushing of all paint line components all the way to the nozzle from the clean water tank
  • The pump only handles clean water and at no time has any line marking liquid going through it, making cleaning of the system quick and easy


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