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Topscape’s landscaping specialists will help you choose the best soil blend to meet the requirements of your landscaping project. Topscape topsoil and subsoil can be matched to local conditions or, if those conditions aren’t suited to what you want to achieve, help you to change them.

For seeding and turfing you need to maximise moisture at the top levels; for deeper planting, you’re looking for a controlled flow of moisture into the underlying drainage; for delicate seeding and bedding, it’s about getting the right chemical and mineral balance for effective growth. Whatever the planting or application, Topscape’s range of topsoil provides the perfect growing medium.

British Standard Topsoil

A range of blended topsoil that conforms to BS3882:2015. Topscape’s range of British Standard topsoil can also be supplied with CLEA certification.

British Standard Subsoil

A quality blended subsoil that conforms to BS8601:2013, providing the perfect base for the range of Topscape topsoils.

Topscape Landscape Mix

A friable, moist blend of horticultural sand and soil or compost, balancing organic content with free draining capacity while maintaining a high degree of workability.


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