Wessex International - Wessex ProLine RMX-500 Tri-deck roller mower

For the groundsman who needs a large area mower to use with a tractor of seventy horsepower plus, the new Wessex ProLine RMX-500 Tri-deck has to be in the running. The Wessex Tri-deck machines have set a new benchmark in high output roller mowers, and these mowers are the perfect choice for the council and local authority contractor.

The sheer speed of cutting means considerable savings are to be made, with reduced fuel consumption being as much as fifty percent. Maintenance is substantially reduced and servicing is economical. There’s a premium cut with fast forward speeds and operation with one or both wings lifted. The new RMX-500 will leave a finish equal to a cylinder mower on fine turf, at a fraction of the cost.

Wide area mowing offers cost-efficiency and each deck on the triple mower has full width rollers at the front and rear. This restricts airflow and the high speed blades create suction beneath the deck chamber, sucking up the uncut grass to leave a superb quality cut at high speeds. The transmission system allows independent wings to be engaged and disengaged whilst in work, without a clutch mechanism.  

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