Wessex International - Wessex ProLine STC180 Sweeper Collector

It’s that time of year when you need a machine that will collect autumn leaves, grass clippings and litter. The Wessex ProLine STC180 is one such sweeper collector that does what it says, it sweeps and collects autumn leaves and debris brilliantly. What’s more, it’s a sound investment because it is actually three machines in one. In sweeping mode, the STC is fitted with a brush rotor that comprises four banks of hard-wearing polypropylene bristles.

The generous length of the bristles give a good ‘flick’ action to ensure the material is thrown to the back of the hopper. The whole operation is smooth and stable, with the STC semi-mounted to the tractor to allow the brush to follow the contours in work, and to be lifted out of work for transport. That said, the whole machine is not lifted on the linkage, so the STC can be operated behind a small tractor with limited lifting capacity.

The sweeper collector runs on its own four wheels totally independently from the tractor, and the front wheels are fully castoring. The two rear wheels have flotation tyres to keep turf compaction to a minimum. A heavy cast gearbox and belt drive transmit power to the rotor. So in the STC you have a sweeper collector that devours autumn leaves and litter in the parkland and yet one that easily converts to a flail collector and a scarifier as well. When it’s not eating leaves it works all year round clearing golf course rough and offering a clean cut scarifying mode for sports turf.


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