Canycom UK
Mon, Dec 11, 2017 2:33 PM

Canycom UK - Ride On Brushcutters

Welcome to the new Canycom Samurai brochure. In the following pages, you can read all about these amazing Japanese mowers. You will be introduced to the unique engineering and physics behind them that enables them to perform in conditions that would usually destroy standard equipment and on steep slopes that no other mower of this type today can tackle. We believe there are no other mowers on the market that are as strong as the Samurai mowers or that can perform as impressively. These unique, shaft driven mowers deliver 100% of the engine power to the “Samurai Sword” metal cutting blades. This means they can cut thicker and taller vegetation compared to normal belt driven machines that can lose up to 30% of their power between the engine and the cutting blade Please contact your local Canycom approved dealer today for a demonstration.

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