Landscape Maintenance: Raymo Electric Remote-Control Mower

If you need to maintain very steep slopes , grassed banks around lakes or waterways or just difficult to access areas, the Raymo electric remote-control mower is the machine of choice. It has been designed with a low overall height of only 51 cm which together with a low centre of gravity, 4WD, and a zero-turn steering system allows the Raymo to tackle steep slopes, grassed banks and low obstacles with ease. The lithium-ion power-pack may be swapped over in only one minute should extended working times be required.

The operator controls the Raymo via an industrial-grade remote control so benefiting from zero emissions, low-noise and no vibrations. Being able to stand away from the mower and the ground being cut, the operator is kept away from dangerous hazards such as slopes, deep water etc.

Three rotary decks, R42FLEX 42”, R52TURF 52”and R48CRAFT 48” are available for the Raymo depending upon the type of grass to be cut and maintained. R48CRAFT was designed specifically for rough municipal mowing and for vegetation control in solar farms where grass is often overgrown and where contact with the PV panel supporting structure is a permanent threat. The R48CRAFT cutting deck is protected by a robust steel frame with nylon bumpers and features suspended caster wheels that absorb excessive vibration in undulating terrain. The height of cut ranges from 60 mm to 140 mm and can be adjusted by the means of pins that are secured against loss in high vibration conditions. The cutting device itself consists of new proprietary direct drive electric motors (providing twice as much power and torque as the R42FLEX and R52TURF deck motors) and a special Raymo-design swing blade system with a rear discharge function.

S46FLORIS cutting bar is the answer for those who look for the ultimate environment friendly mowing solution. SINGLE or DUAL ACTION – the mower deck can be supplied in a single action (more robust) or dual action (faster) version. Depending upon the type of area you intend to mow, you can choose the most suitable solution. The number of wildflower meadows and areas with emphasis on biodiversity is rapidly growing. S46FLORIS sickle mower is a perfect tool to maintain these – silent, fully electric and compact enough to deal with the municipal environment. Sickle bars are also providing the best possible protection to living animals and insects, especially in comparison to rotary or flail mowers.

A new option recently launched is the R14SFINX swing arm post mower which attaches to the side of the Raymo and allows posts, trees and similar obstacles to cut around. In open areas it increases the cutting width of the Raymo but will then retract automatically when it encounters a post or tree. The R14SFINX may be fitted to the left or right or both sides of the Raymo.

The Raymo remote control electric mower cuts faster than a strimmer and will solve your health and safety problems when cutting slopes, banks and difficult to access areas.

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