Rigby Taylor helps commemorate World War I

To commemorate the centenary of the end of World War I, Rigby Taylor has introduced a range of Euroflor Commemorate wildflower mixes.

Each of the six new mixes having special meaning:

  • Honour - a combination of red, white and blue flowers; the three colours of the Union Jack symbolising patriotism;
  • Souvenir - 100% Red Poppies - the Poppy in Great Britain, Commonwealth countries and the USA symbolises the blood spilled by the allied forces;
  • Bleuet – predominantly blue but also with white, pink and crimson Cornflowers; Cornflowers originally represented young French soldiers arriving on the battlefield and wearing new, grey/blue uniforms thereafter symbolising those who died for France;
  • Alliance - a mixture of Red Poppies and Cornflowers; the combination mix of the red and blue symbolises the alliance of British and French soldiers;
  • Peace - a white flower mix including Gypsophilia elegans, to symbolise the armistice and ending of hostilities; and
  • [Hope – a mix of bright colours, including perennial species for longevity to symbolise hope.

The mixes are available either as a Discovery boxed sets of 10 x 50 gm sachets (any combination) or as individual 1 kg sachets. Each 50 gm sachet will cover 10-15 m2; I kg will cover 150-350 m2.

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