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CleanShield – a peace of mind

Amega Science’s CleanShield - an alcohol-free, multi-surface cleaner, offers peace of mind at a time when it is most needed according to Martin Ford, UK Sales Manager for Agrigem. It is widely documented that the most common way that... Read More

Roadside maintenance contractor praises ‘Diamond’

Horsetail (also known as Marestail) is a notorious difficult to kill perennial weed, with its persistency and extensive deep-roots often proving troublesome for herbicides containing glyphosate alone to kill. With cases of Horsestail showing... Read More

Agrochemical company unveils Diamond technology to...

With the withdrawal of all products containing Glufosinate-ammonium from the market in January, a huge gap has been left for total weed control, including tough Invasive weeds such as Horsetail or Marestail. Both are highly invasive deep routed... Read More