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Broadwood International


A close cut family of roller mowers

Wessex ProLine RMX professional roller mowers have steadily built a loyal following for cutting sports pitches, playing fields, golf courses and council maintained amenity areas. In fact they are working anywhere there is a large area of grass to be... Read More

More true grit from Wessex

Storing grit and salt, in readiness for a sudden turn in the weather, calls for safe and easily accessible containment. The management of ice and snow conditions will get a great boost with these Grit Bins from Wessex. Built in tough and durable... Read More

Boom time for sprayers

Spring is approaching and it will soon be time to start spraying, be it for weed or fertilising. If you're working in any areas where manoeuvring can be a little tight, around trees, bushes, fences and posts, there is always the danger the boom can... Read More