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A helping hand at clean up time

After a long day clearing grounds and tackling mountains of overgrowth, clearing up can often be a tiresome chore that most would prefer to put off.Debris loaders from Billy Goat take all the effort out of the job and help clear up in minutes.... Read More

End the autumn leaf clearing misery with a Billy Goat

Following the summer heat, autumn seems to have arrived early as trees and shrubs shed their leaves to help conserve vital moisture.Removing leaves and other debris from paths, borders and lawns is now easily achieved with the powerful range of... Read More

Reduce cutting time with Murray mowers

Leading lawn tractor manufacturer, Murray, acknowledges this and therefore prides itself on its “Get it done. Go have fun” ethos to tackling lawns.There are six models in the Murray line up, all packed with features to give a high-quality cut... Read More