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Billy Goat boasts impressive range of wheeled vacuums

Billy Goat manufactures a powerful and robust range of industrial wheeled vacuum for commercial outdoor property clearance and is the expert when it comes to the maintenance of outdoor spaces. Its range of industrial vacuum offer the power and... Read More

Billy Goat’s jungle-busting Outback 4WD Rider

Tackling over-grown areas and banishing debris can be a difficult and tiring job, especially when dealing with hand tools or small machinery. Billy Goat - supplier of a powerful and robust range of property clean-up equipment - has the answer to... Read More

Turf clean-up made easy with Billy Goat

With the summer months approaching, it’s important to clear turf now to prepare it for the heavy use it will endure during the season ahead. Whether it’s community fields, golf courses, residential areas or football pitches, every space will... Read More