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​New mowers courses aim to make accident prevention a...

Ride-on and pedestrian mowers play a vital role in the world of amenity horticulture, but their use is not without risk. Accidents involving mowers can and do happen, which is why training is so critical. The dangers of mowers were highlighted in a... Read More

Employers pave the way to the next generation of...

Employers in the arboriculture, forestry, horticulture and landscape industries have taken part in a survey to comment on the new apprenticeship standards developed under the "˜Trailblazer' programme.Trailblazers were developed as a result of a 2012... Read More

Bartlett Tree Expert leads on new Trailblazer 3...

In 2014 the Government announced changes to the present apprenticeship programme that is delivered by colleges and training bodies.The new programme called Trailblazer is to be employer led; work has started on building the new way of introducing... Read More