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MobiRoof: The simplest of green roofs

MobiRoof is a ready-made, extensively green roofing system. It is especially suitable for roofs that are not treated. MobiRoof is a clip together cassette system that can be easily laid onto the surface of a roof, creating a closed fully grown,... Read More

LivePicture GO wins international acclaim with Red Dot...

Acknowledging its place at the highest level of product innovation in ready-made green systems, living walls and “live” art, Mobilane’s new ‘LivePicture GO’ has attained a prestigious Red Dot Award for High Quality Design. This accolade... Read More

The biggest Mobilane WallPlanter in the UK: Bracknell...

The architecture in Bracknell town centre has long been plagued by its post-war dull, bland, grey reputation. With very little large scale development since the 1950s, the area was screaming out for investment and for an injection of life and love... Read More