MobiRoof: The simplest of green roofs

MobiRoof is a ready-made, extensively green roofing system. It is especially suitable for roofs that are not treated. MobiRoof is a clip together cassette system that can be easily laid onto the surface of a roof, creating a closed fully grown, insulated surface area, instantly.

Improving air quality, extending roof life

A MobiRoof green-covered roof offers numerous advantages over a conventional roof. The planting improves air quality through CO2 reduction and also captures fine particulate matter. UV-rays no longer reach the roof covering, which significantly extends the lifespan of the roofing material. The sedum cassette system also protects the roof from harsh weather.

Practical and easy to install

The MobiRoof cassettes are easy to install and can be clipped together very simply. There should be no need for architectural roof adjustments, but it is important that the material beneath the cassettes is root-resistant.

MobiRoof can be installed on flat roofs and roofs with an inclination of up to 20% (10 degrees). Above 20%, additional measures should be taken to secure the cassettes. Because of the weight and dimensions of the cassettes, the system can also be very easily applied to garages, dormers, extensions and garden houses.

A blanket of colour and contrast with sedum

The cassettes, filled with a water-retaining substrate, are cultivated with multiple types of Sedum (including Album, Spurium, Acre and reflexum).

10 Reasons to choose MobiRoof

  • Easy and fast installation through universal cassette system
  • Suited to many surfaces and can be customised
  • Supplied with substrate for plants, and pumice and volcanic rock for drainage and water retention
  • Insulating properties in summer and winter
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy removal and replacement for roof repairs
  • Extends the lifespan of the roofing material
  • Contributes to CO2 reduction
  • Sound insulation
  • Increases biodiversity

The technical lowdown

The cassettes are made of regenerated non-toxic polypropylene and their weight is about 38kg/m² when dry, 58kg/m² when fully saturated.The cassette is partially filled with a substrate for draining and its minimum water capacity is 20 litres/m².

In order to limit exposure to wind, you should apply gravel to the outer edges of the roof and around skylights and discharge pipes.

MobiRoof cassettes are 54cm x 55cm x 9cm in dimension.

To find out more about MobiRoof and the full range of Mobilane ready-made green systems, contact or call their UK office on 0203 741 8049.

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