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Property Care Association


PCA support for new Amenity Standard

National trade body The Property Care Association is playing a key role in a new initiative, developed to create assured standards in amenity management. The PCA’s Invasive Weed Control Group is a foundation partner of the Amenity Standard, which... Read More

Trade body’s live demo for invasive weeds 

A national trade body has brought together a range of non-native invasive weeds under one roof to help property professionals improve their identification skills.Japanese knotweed, American skunk cabbage and Three-cornered garlic are just some of... Read More

Trade body route provides Japanese knotweed guidance

A national trade body is signposting the public to a wealth of free advice on Japanese knotweed.The move comes after a Parliamentary inquiry regarding the invasive, non-native plant was held recently at the House of Commons.During the course of ... Read More