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The Amenity Forum offers advice on glyphosate after US...

Monsanto has been fined $289m (£226m) after a jury in the USA backed a groundsman's claim that Roundup weedkiller contributed to his terminal cancer.Former school groundsman Dewayne Johnson secured the massive pay-out after the state court jury... Read More

What happens in amenity management impacts upon...

The Amenity Forum has released its Annual Report covering the 12 months running up to June 30th 2018 and demonstrating the wide range of activity and development of this unified voice for the sector on all aspects of weed, pest and disease... Read More

Fact, fiction and weed management

We live in a world of instant communication and 24 hour news. The power of social media means any story can be transmitted instantly by the press of a button. It is exciting and fantastic technology. Yet it holds dangers. It has created the... Read More