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East Portway Industrial Estate
SP10 3QN
United Kingdom
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Wessex International

In the heart of rural Hampshire, Wessex began manufacturing grass cutting and forage equipment, they were the first to manufacture a range of scaled down implements to suit the new compact tractor from Japan. In line with the increased focus on global distribution of the Wessex Proline product range, the company has been renamed Wessex International. This coincides with relocation to the current 50,000 sq ft factory in Andover, Hampshire.

Wessex International’s Mission:

  • To grow market share and global presence by strong well respected brands.
  • To continue to identify market needs and provide solutions for them.
  • To offer world-class service which supports our customers and our products.

Wessex International’s Vision

  • To provide the Groundcare, Agricultural, ATV and Industrial sectors with unique product solutions that serve a multitude of markets and industries across the globe.
  • To provide products that are renowned for superb quality, value and innovation.
  • To support and grow our loyal distributor network.

Wessex International‘s Values

  • Based on a strong foundation of honesty, integrity and a commitment to progress that underpins the care for our customers, suppliers and employees.


Ideal for both long grass and sports turf

Reduced budgets and less frequent mowing cycles mean that the local authorities require a machine that will cut and mulch lush grass without untidy swathing, as with a rotary mower.The Wessex FRX-150 and the FRX-150-H (hydraulic version) outfront... Read More

Roller mowers firmly in the running

For the groundsman or contractor who needs a large area mower to use with a tractor of seventy horsepower plus, the Wessex RMX-500 Tri-deck has to be in the running.The Wessex Tri-deck machines have set a benchmark in high output roller mowers,... Read More

A new concept of rotary mower on the market

The launch of the new Wessex CRX Series MultiCut professional turf mowers heralds the arrival of a new concept of rotary mowers onto the market.Never before has anyone produced a range of truly professional fine turf mowers that can be used as a... Read More


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