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Many problems associated with sports turf are in some way related to compaction in the rootzone. Compaction is the biggest challenge to a healthy root-zone, leading to issues like standing water, black layer, turf diseases, excess thatch, dry-patch and general poor playing surfaces. Most turf managers would ideally aerate more often, but previous methods would cause surface disruption and a prolonged recovery period, as well as incurring costs to carry out the operation.

Due to its minimal impact on play, the Air2G2 offers turf managers the chance to aerate as often as the surface requires, and not only when there is a window of opportunity in the calendar! With little or no clean-up, follow-up or prolonged period of recovery, the actual cost of aeration is considerably reduced with the Air2G2 when compared with traditional methods and conventional machines.


Tue, May 29, 2018 4:21 PM
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