Campey Turf Care Systems - NEW for 2018 Koro® FTM® 1.2/1.6/2.0/2.5

The Koro® FTM® has undergone upgrades along with the patent UNIVERSE® rotor to give the cleanest Universe® fraise mow possible be it on a hybrid pitch or natural grass surface. The balance has been analysed and enhanced, resulting in a lighter, steadier experience by redistributing weight and applying a removable 100kg.

This redistribution of weight means a much smaller tractor can be used to run the Koro® FTM® because the centre of gravity has been shifted towards the tractor making it easier to lift. Even when the weight is removed the machine still has improved balanced against previous models.

Solid locking pins now offer greater consistency and the overall performance is improved due to the re-designed UNIVERSE® rotor and angled cross conveyor.

The new angled cross conveyor has been introduced to move material evenly with perfect belt tracking, whilst the weight of the machines has been reduced using a removable 100kg that greatly improves the overall weight balance.


Tue, May 29, 2018 4:24 PM
Campey Turf Care Systems


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