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AVANT 200 series compact multipurpose loaders are great helpers both in various do-it-yourself as well as in professional property maintenance, ground care, landscaping and similar tasks. Avant 200 series is an excellent tool for professionals in places where space is limited and a lightweight machine is necessary, and it can tackle even smaller scale demolition jobs. The new Avant 200 series offers in the first place more power, user-friendliness and options. In addition, ease of operation and safety has been further improved.

As the main customer group on many markets is the landscapers and also do-it-yourself sector, user friendliness has been top priority in the design of the new 200 series. The new series features for instance an improved quick attach system for attachments, better visibility, more spacious cockpit and a new multi-function display on the dashboard. One of the most important new technical features of the new Avant 200 series can be found in the chassis. The machine is 20 mm wider and 60 mm longer than its predecessor, which improves stability, among other things. The operator can see this especially in better ergonomics and more spacious legroom.


Wed, Sep 7, 2016 10:15 AM

United Kingdom


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