Avant - AVANT 420


AVANT 420 machine is compact, economical, extremely multi-purpose loader with diesel engine that has enough power to tackle the jobs all year-round.

The 420 works well with the 1200mm lawn mower, rotary hoes and backhoe 210 as well as many other attachments needed in the landscaping, gardening, construction or for example smallholdings. Thanks to the articulated design Avant 400 series machines are very versatile tools and gentle to the sensitive surfaces.

It is very easy to learn how to drive this articulated Avant. This allows the machine to be operated by several people after the basic training. The AVANT’s rigid articulation joint means that the machine does not swing sideways, a very important feature for a machine of this size. Thanks to this rigid design of the AVANT, the weight of the machine itself acts as counterweight, keeping the chassis stable. Both ROPS frame and FOPS canopy are tested and certified and comply with the relevant ISO standards.

All the features of an AVANT give better comfort, working efficiency and working quality for the operator. The unique basic construction of the AVANT makes them an unbeatable machine in its class.


Wed, Sep 7, 2016 10:15 AM

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