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The principle of CEDEC® footpath gravels is to form a firm but porous structure that retains moisture yet allows any excess to flow through. The materials used are specially graded decorative aggregates, ideal for areas where the traffic is too heavy for grass but where a natural appearance is desired.

CEDEC® footpath gravels comprise of granite or quartzite‚ which are chemically inert, durable and will not affect the pH value of the surrounding soil. This is important where newly planted trees or pH-sensitive plants are sited. They are very porous materials, they pack but they do not set.

In order to function effectively‚ CEDEC® needs to be rained upon and walked upon. It will not be effective indoors or under permanent shelter. Rainwater will percolate downwards, so there is no need for surface water drainage systems. CEDEC must not be laid on concrete or any other non-porous base unless a special drainage layer is incorporated into the design.

Available in three colours; gold, red and silver, CEDEC footpath gravels are ideally suited to footpaths, pedestrian or recreational areas where excessive wear would occur on grass.

Coverage of CEDEC is approximately 10m2 per tonne, compaction being about 25%.


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