IAE Fencing Limited - Circo Modular System Shelter

The IAE Circo Modular System can be the answer to almost any cycle parking requirement. Built up from the Circo 90 quadrant base unit, inline and compound configurations can be created to provide secure parking for 10 to 100 cycles. A roof, gates and fixed panels can all be chosen either at the time of purchase or retro fitted at a later date, available from IAE’s large stocks. Senior and Junior hoops are available, in toast racks ranging from 2-5 hoops, IAE’s unique integral hoops can be used. Hoops are spaced at 800mm centres as standard but can be supplied with 1000mm gaps between hoops for compliance with BREEAM guidelines.


*Heavy duty steel frame

*Distinctive Cyclist Motif

*Unique Hub Design

*5mm UP PETG cladding

*Stainless Steel Fixings


*Incorporating your own hub design

*Engraved PETG cladding

*Metal Sheeting

*Installation Service

*Helmet Lockers



Wed, Sep 7, 2016 10:15 AM
IAE Fencing Limited
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