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Originally designed for the equestrian market, but equally successful in Landscape/Amenity and Construction Applications, Fibresand is a simple but highly effective concept. A clean graded silica sand, reinforced with synthetic rot-proof micro-fibres producing a free draining, reinforced and stable surface.

When the surface is subjected to compressive and/or shear forces during normal use, Fibresand’s cohesive reinforcement provides high resistance to sand particle movement.

Maintenance is a simple combination of light harrowing to remove indentations, followed by light rolling. By altering the type and extent of surface preparation the firmness of the surface can be customised to each user’s personal preference.

Minimal surface spread, reduced penetration and increased traction under all conditions provides a sure-footed surface that allows the user to work as confidently as if they were working on turf. 

SUDS compliant  Sustainable Urban Drainage System – Excellent drainage properties to guarantee compliance

Conforms to Approved Document ‘M’ of the Building Regulations 2010 and is Equality Act 2010 compliant

StabilisationEncourages excellent ‘Root Growth’ which bonds/interacts with Synthetic fibres to ensure reinforced & long-term stable quality Surface

Natural Alternative to artificial methods, maintains the vitally important natural Environment

Perfect  As Grass/Gravel Grid surface reinforcement grid installation Foundation Material

Ease of Maintenance managed in exactly the same way to conventional turf with greatly reduced damage and repair

Cost Effective  dramatically reduces manufacturing carbon footprint 

Quality Assured        in all variable weather and site conditions 



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