KUHN Amenity Pro - Poly-Longer Hedge & Verge Cutter


Kuhn’s compact yet high performance 5.5m long-reach Poly-Longer hedge and verge cutter adds a significant dimension to the company’s Amenity Pro range.

The model has been designed, says Kuhn, to deliver the optimum combination of operator-friendly controls, reliability and clean cutting performance, and sits in between the company’s smaller Agri-Longer and larger Pro-Longer models as a mass-market machine.

Poly-Longer hedgecutters are available with a choice of single lever on/off electronic controls or electronic proportional control from a joy stick, with the latter providing the ultimate in operator-friendly operation. Overall, the Poly-Longer is robust and simple-to-operate with a 1.2m flail head that has a new compact design with a 57 hp motor. The head is fitted as standard with ‘T’ flails that operate at 2900 rpm rotor speed.

Machines have manual side shift which provides a reach from 5.0m (when centred) to 5.5m (fully shifted) and allows it to work safely and effectively in tight spaces and behind the tractor wheels. This also allows transport within the tractor width.

Hydraulic drive motors are fitted with oil coolers as standard, therefore allowing the machine to maintain full operating power in the most demanding working conditions and with the additional benefit of a reduced oil capacity that ultimately cuts running costs. There are separate and fully independent pumps serving the rotor and arm movements.

Parallelogram arm construction means that a single control operates the main and outer booms simultaneously, and improves the clearance as the ram is located within the structure. All hinges are flanged and protected for minimal play and good hose holding. All machine joints, including the hydraulic rams, are enclosed and greased-for-life for minimum wear and maximum durability. The Poly-Longer has an hydraulic safety break back system with 120º power slew angle. Hoses are protected through either metal casing or braided sleeves and a new pivoting plate feature reduces wear at a key point.

The Poly-Longer is designed with its hitching system close to the frame of the machine, which shortens the overhang and aids stability and operator visibility. The PTO shaft is centred, which reduces noise and extends component life. Road lights are included as standard on all models.


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