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The reduction in availability of curative chemistry has been a game-changer when it comes to the management of common turf pests. The combination of milder, wetter autumns with the ongoing depletion of control treatments has seen occurrences of worms and resulting casts on the rise once again – causing problems for managers of fine turf surfaces. The presence of casting worms, however, can and should be controlled with effective cultural practices – that’s where the new Redexim Top-Brush from Charterhouse Turf Machinery comes in.

Launched at BTME 2020, the Top-Brush is a six-metre-wide poly-brush, comprised of three sections, that can quickly and effectively rid large areas, such as fairways, of worm casts, organic matter and dew. It’s large working width, and adjustable working depth make it a versatile tool – whether simply used for improving course presentation or to incorporate topdressing material down into the profile. Because the brushes can rotate in or against the direction of travel, it can also be used to remove lateral growth and stand the plant upright - contributing to better airflow into the canopy and a cleaner quality of cut. Once the job is done, its independent ‘wings’ can then be hydraulically lifted and folded for convenient transportation and storage.


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