A fine time for pine

A fine time for pine
Woodbank Timber has launched the SurePine brand as an alternative to Spruce which currently accounts for the vast majority of fence posts used across the UK.

There are a number of advantages to SurePine as Adrian Howden of Woodbank Timber explained: "The Sapwood of both Spruce and Pine species is classified as non-durable. This means that it is important to ensure this part of the timber is protected through the timber preparation and treatment process, particularly for in-ground applications.

"The defining difference between the two species is their ability to absorb the preservative solution in order to reach the required level of durability. Spruce is a refractory species which makes it difficult to attain the required level of preservative penetration whereas Pine is far easier to treat and achieve the required 100% sapwood penetration.

"SurePine posts are dried properly before being treated with Koppers Performance Chemicals' Celcure C65 preservative. Rigorously tested on-site, they are then quality checked within Koppers' laboratories. The quality of penetration, as well as the checking procedures, offers peace of mind for the contractor and the end user.

"We believe it's time that Pine started making its mark in terms of fence posts. The advantages are clear and we are already seeing a high level of industry curiosity and demand for SurePine," added Adrian.

Woodbank Timber, based in Ipswich, supplies high quality products and services to the agricultural, domestic, equestrian fencing and landscaping markets.

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