Chapin starts 2014 with new sprayer innovations

Chapin starts 2014 with new sprayer innovations
DMMP Limited, the UK distributor of Chapin, is delighted to announce two new sprayer models and exciting new product innovations in response to feedback from US and UK customers.

Chapin is at the forefront of today's knapsack technology, and continually invests in product development.

On the new 63800 sprayer, the new 6 inch Wide Mouth opening gives - as its name suggests - a 50% wider opening  with a completely perforated filter basket which facilitates easy filling and minimises spillage.

In addition, the 63800 also enjoys a true 15 litre capacity, non-leak viton seals, multiple nozzles, a reinforced see-through hose and a handy new feature; a carry handle on the lid. This egonomic, easy-to-use sprayer is clearly at the head of its field.

The NEW 63900 knapsack  has a Hybrid Piston Diaphragm pump (meaning there is both a piston and diaphragm pump in the unit) for increased efficiency and reliability. It's effective because the combined piston diaghragm pump are situated inside the tank, so the PSI is higher plus it is virtually leak proof.  

Another exclusive new feature to the 63900 is the JetClean Self Cleaning Filter which works by producing on each downstroke a burst of spray across the in-tank removable filter, keeping it film-free and stopping sediment from entering the pump cylinder. The 63900 also sports a 6" Wide Mouth opening and 15 litre capacity; making  the unit a really tough heavy duty commercial knapsack sprayer.

DMMP managing director Marcus Palmer explains why he is excited to see these new innovations ready for 2014: "Chapin's success is due to its unwavering dedication to product innovation and the UK benefits from this by having access to top quality knapsack sprayers.   

"Different sprayers suits different professionals, and we believe that Chapin has created a quality, comfortable and durable product for every purpose. We know our customers will be delighted with both the Wide Mouth feature and the Hybrid Piston Diaphragm pump."

Chapin is a world leader in the manufacture of compressed air sprayers since the first US-patented pump sprayer in 1902.

World-class precision manufacturing, progressive technology and design methods enables Chapin to provide customers with the best value sprayers and applicators for their needs.

Manufacturing since 1884, Chapin has the knowledge, knowhow and professionalism associated with over a hundred years of being in business.

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