Grade II listed Station gets the Resiblock Make-Over

Grade II listed Station gets the Resiblock Make-Over
Widnes Railway Station, originally known as "Farnworth", was built in 1873 and has now been listed by English Heritage as Grade II. However, the platforms were looking very tired and the Tarmacadum surface was considered unsightly.

In order to ensure the platforms were in keeping with the main station building, Network Rail commissioned the resurfacing of the platform utilising Marshalls Keyblock 80 and appointed J Murphy &Sons to undertake the works. However, at the outset the client had identified potential issues with the maintenance and stabilisation of the proposed block paving.

At an early stage Resiblock was consulted on this project given their unprecedented expertise and solutions in this regard. Post consultations meetings and on-site trials Resiblock block-paving sealer "22" was duly specified.

The "legendary Resiblock 22*" is a one application moisture cured specialist pre-polymer urethane paving sealer. Unlike some competing products 22 demonstrates ease of application, superior cure rate and bound strength and remains fully elastomeric thereby accommodating small elastic deflections with the blocks (generated from heavy pedestrian traffic). This ensures zero sand erosion and easier maintenance regimes that significantly lower the whole-life cost of paving.

"This is another great example of how the application of a Resiblock sealer can ensure the original aesthetics and structure of paving are maintained over the long-term" said Martin Catling, Project Consultant, Resiblock Ltd.

Resiblock Ltd. is celebrating their 20 year anniversary in 2013. They are the only paving sealer company that can demonstrate in-situ long-term application of sealers in numerous commercial applications both in the UK & overseas.

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