Logic Winter Maintenance Equipment – "It's simple and it works"

Logic Winter Maintenance Equipment – "It's simple and it works"
Logic products are well known in the world of Winter maintenance, having built snow ploughs for smaller utility vehicles for many years, as well as salt spreading equipment.

Logic System 20 provides an exceptional way of attaching snow ploughs to ATVs and UTVs. These ploughs are very quick and easy to attach, can be angled to the left or right, the rubber wearing strip on the blade is replaceable and professional models include a "˜break back' system which operates if the blade encounters a hidden obstacle (e.g. a raised manhole cover) beneath the snow. Logic snow ploughs are tough and resilient and can easily cope with snow depths of 30cm.

For remedial or preventative de-icing, Logic's range of ground and engine driven salt spreaders has recently been added to with the new GDS150 model, a 325kg capacity professional option using the same delivery system as used in other Logic models, proven over 15 years of use, capable of handling wet rock salt. This versatile machine can be taken into areas that would be impossible with a full highway-sized salt spreader and is light enough to be used over paved areas without damaging the surface. Its compact design allows use behind a wide range of towing vehicles. When spreading 10 g/sq m on footpaths 1.5m wide as a preventative measure, this unit could treat more than 20 km (12 miles!) The ground driven GDS250 with a capacity of 465 litres (600Kg) is capable of covering 10km (over 6 miles) of roadways at 6m spread width.

PDS - Powered Drive models, have two variants: a towed machine with suspension and over-run brakes to permit normal road going speeds. The other a de-mount option suitable for mounting in a pick-up or trailer. Both feature a Honda engine to drive the conveyor floor, agitator and spreading disc. The PDS hopper capacity is slightly larger at 585 litres (approx 750kg), suitable for those needing to maintain larger sites or a number of sites, this reduces the number of refills that need to be made resulting in less down-time. A full load (at a pre-frost application rate of 10 g/sq m) is capable of treating approximately 12.5km (almost 8 miles) of roadway at a spread width of 6m.

All PDS machines are manufactured with stainless steel hoppers. The mesh hopper screen, the method of controlling the sluice gate and the deflector vanes to allow salt to be cast to the left or right, are in common with the GDS machines. Optional extras include, a tonneau cover, disc shroud and beacon. A small hopper (465 litre) version of the PDS is available as a special order. All models in the range are equally good for spreading other de-icing products, as well as road grit and sand.

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