Maxwell Launch Turf Food BioniK

Maxwell Launch Turf Food BioniK
Maxwell Amenity Ltd is proud to announce the creation of an innovative addition to their successful organic turf fertiliser range; Maxwell Turf Food. This range was carefully designed to meet the precise needs of the professional turf manager and launched to great acclaim in 2013.

The formulation of Turf Food BioniK is 3+3+25+3% MgO - 3% nitrogen, 3% phosphorous, 25% potassium and 3% Magnesium, at first glance this would appear to be a typical autumn analysis but the key ingredient, a suite of bacteria that are able to degrade moss, makes this a unique fertiliser for professional turf surfaces regardless of height of cut. The low organic nitrogen level lends itself to a one-off application to surfaces where moss can become established e.g. tee banks, sports fields, cricket outfields and lawns.

The torrential rain and low light levels of January and February of 2014 created the perfect environment for pleurocarpous mosses to become firmly established within many turf surfaces. Turf Food BioniK negates the need to scarify, saving time and labour which can be better employed elsewhere. The low nitrogen means that for the first time moss can be tackled with a one-off application; the combination of low nitrogen and high potassium means that in many circumstances this will not affect existing fertiliser programmes and will become an invaluable tool to provide healthy turf to the detriment of moss.

There are a number of characteristics that make Turf Food BioniK one of the most advanced options currently available.
  • Formulated for professional turf surfaces to ensure flush growth is eradicated.
  • The granule size is suitable for all turf types from golf greens to garden lawns. The consistent granule size gives an even spread pattern reducing problems of over and under application.
  • The homogenous granule reduces the risk of scorch and ensures that the aesthetic effect is even.
  • A conscious step away from the use of iron for visual effect, to the more beneficial use of magnesium, a nutrient that not only provides visual appeal but is also beneficial for many plant processes.
  • The range demonstrates natural slow release properties due to the proportion of the different forms of complex organic nitrogen.
  • The incorporation of a broad spectrum of bacteria boosts the population of beneficial microbes leading to a more vigorous food web enabling nutrients to be fully utilised, leading to a healthier turf.
  • At every stage of its manufacture there are in place methods to reduce dust particles thus ensuring that the finished product has an even particle size and will flow well.
This array of qualities within the Turf Food range ensures that the turf manager can buy in confidence knowing that the hard work in formulating quality turf food has been done on their behalf. Providing them with the reassurance that they will obtain the results they seek.

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