Outstanding experiences using the new Vredestein Greentrax lawnmower tyre

Outstanding experiences using the new Vredestein Greentrax lawnmower tyre
In February this year, Vredestein, the Dutch tyre brand primarily known up until now for its car and agricultural tyres, introduced a completely new range of tyres for professional lawnmowers "” the Greentrax.

Since then, the Vredestein Greentrax has been tested intensively by landscape maintenance professionals during this first mowing season. Reviews from these experts are full of praise, immediately dispelling any doubts of the Greentrax's abilities.

Entering, as a newcomer, into a market segment in which several parties have been active for many years requires optimum, extremely thorough preparation. With its successful Flotation and Traxion agricultural tyres, Vredestein has built up a strong reputation with regard to soil protection and long service life. These many years of agricultural experience were put to good use by Vredestein engineers in the development of the new Greentrax lawn and grounds care tyre.

The user requirements for this type of tyre are extensive. The tyre must provide optimum traction, on flat, soft grounds as well as on slopes, with minimum lawn damage and soil compaction. Aspects such as course stability, driving comfort and resistance to high kerbs and sharp objects are also high on the list of priorities. A long service life is also important, as the tyres cover many kilometres on roads in between the mowing work. From these requirements, Vredestein produced a tyre with a unique and functional profile that sets itself apart from the competition.

The design of the Greentrax is not the only aspect that has impressed the market. After covering thousands of kilometres on lawns and paved roads, the demanding users have seen excellent results and are comparing the performance of the Vredestein Greentrax with that of brands fitted previously. Users of the Greentrax have reported:
  • An improvement in traction and self-cleaning properties, including on wet fields, without lawn damage
  • Take less cut grass to the road
  • Better driving qualities on paved roads
  • Less vibration in the cab
  • Significantly reduced wear, including to the tyre shoulders
  • Being able to mow areas that previously could not be mown.
The excellent operational reliability of the Greentrax and its low costs per hour in service go hand in hand with the tyre's unique design and superb performance. Vredestein is confident that professionals seeking top quality at a competitive price will choose the Vredestein Greentrax.

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