Radhaus automated cycle parking tower launches in UK

Radhaus automated cycle parking tower launches in UK
A space-saving automated parking tower for bicycles developed and manufactured in Germany is being launched in the UK.

Parking solutions company Cardok has just secured the UK distributorship for the multi-storey Radhaus cycle garage which has been designed by the Nussbaum Group.

The Radhaus tower occupies a surface area of only 55 square metres by just 10.5 metres high, but can park up to 120 bicycles securely, protecting them from vandalism, theft and bad weather.

It can be installed completely above ground or below ground with just the access level above ground.

Cyclists open and lock their individual parking cubicles using an electronic RFID card. They then slide their bike backwards into the storage box and secure it using a hinged wheel clamp.

To retrieve their bike, users log on to a screen that shows them which of 12 access points to collect it from. The bicycle is then moved automatically from the storage shelf and carried to the ground floor for collection.  

Cardok UK's managing director Nick Child said: "The Radhaus provides the perfect German engineering solution to the problem of where to park your bike in crowded towns and cities.

"It's particularly suitable for train stations and other places where lots of cyclists need to park their bikes at the same time. Most transport hubs just have sectioned off areas of flooring for this which takes up a massive amount of space and offers precious little security.  

"The Radhaus solves this problem by parking as many as 120 bikes securely in a small area out of the reach of vandals, thieves and the English weather. Due to its modular design the installation takes just 14 days.

"The Radhaus will also provide income streams for the operator. We are really excited to be able to launch this groundbreaking cycle parking solution here in the UK."

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