Rugby School find five key benefits in RBT247

Rugby School find five key benefits in RBT247
James Mead, Head Groundsman at Rugby School has been using RBT247 Algae Killer for over four years and believes he has found the answer to his algae problem, citing its' 5 key benefits; safety, hygiene, longevity, cost and time saving.

As well as providing facilities for the pupils, Rugby School also plays host to prestigious events such as the Warwickshire One Day cricket, Leicester Tigers rugby team and revenue generating concerts each attracting up to 4,000 spectators.

With over 20 natural and artificial sports pitches to look after including rugby, tennis, hockey, polo, soccer and lacrosse, James and his team have their work cut out keeping all the facilities pristine and in full availability.

Nine times out of 10 there's an overhanging tree somewhere, or shade on the pitch providing the perfect breeding ground for algae. If pitches aren't kept clean sediment builds up, grip suffers and your equipment deteriorates quicker, suddenly a pitch with a 15 year lifespan needs replacing after 10 years.

Since using RBT247 with a planned maintenance program, James has kept on top of the problem across the whole campus. "We've used it on all our artificial surfaces, PVC, canvas, Perspex, galvanized posts, even wood," says James.

RBT247 is helping James keep Rugby Schools pitches, dugouts, goal posts, seating and netting in safe and hygienic condition and maximizes the investment the school has made in it's facilities. And with pitch treatment taking 30 minutes, lasting six months and being ready to use again 10 minutes later, a significant saving in time and cost to James' team. "Spray anything that's brand new with RBT, and it stays brand new," adds James.

Amidst the prestige already associated with Rugby School, James recognizes his responsibility to the school.

"We are only custodians for a short period of time, but if we can raise the bar here for the next 20 years the school becomes a more attractive proposition and can realize its ambitions," he says.

With plans to continue hosting high profile events, attract quality pupils and constantly improve its facilities, James sees RBT as a key part of his success at Rugby.

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