The future is electric

The future is electric
Sports and leisure venues across Britain are expressing growing enthusiasm for HDK's range of electric vehicles with their combination of low cost, long battery life and minimal maintenance.  

Whilst electric vehicles have been around for some time, advances in technology have transformed the category, allowing it to shed its old milk float image and prove its worth as a practical, cost-effective solution in a wide range of work applications.  The HDK range, which ground care equipment specialists Lister Wilder will be exhibiting at SALTEX 2015, includes a choice of adaptable, versatile utility vehicles and golf buggies able to carry up to eight people.

Having worked in the leisure machinery industry for over 23 years, Lister Wilder Groundcare Sales Director, Phill Hughes was quick to spot what he believes to be one of the best of the new electric breed, agreeing to become the first dealer in England, Scotland and Wales for Texas-based HDK.  The company, which has been specialising in electric vehicles since 2006, has sold over 50,000 vehicles, which are manufactured in China.  

"Electric is certainly the way forward and I think many golf courses, holiday parks and other venues that are still running petrol-powered utility vehicles will now make the switch," says Phill. "It is particularly significant that HDK has developed batteries that can last up to 80km (50 miles) on a single charge and are totally maintenance free. Removing the chore of continual distilled water top-ups can save a lot of staff time as well as the associated costs," he explains.

The low cost of these vehicles is another attraction - Lister Wilder is able to offer the HDK golf buggy at £3,150 and electric utility vehicles at £4,850 and maintenance costs are minimal too since the absence of fuel and filters means that they are virtually maintenance-free with little more than the need to check rear axle oil levels every six months.  Charging is from a standard 240v socket.

"The cost of £700 for a complete battery replacement will be more than offset by fuel and maintenance savings and by the fact that an electric vehicle doesn't cost you down time when undertaking engine maintenance," says Phill. "They are absolutely ideal low-cost golf carts but they are also very capable and resilient load carriers where you may have a multitude of tasks which your staff need to perform quickly and quietly and on a constant stop-go basis."  

The utility vehicles, which are capable of a top speed of 40kph (25 mph), feature a box on the back which can be adapted for a wide range of tasks from carrying sand to shifting waste or moving tools and equipment for maintenance. The HDK range of buggies can be fitted with a canvas cab with roll-up sides for added weather protection, making them great people movers for the many courses that double as conference centres.

Lister Wilder has set out to offer close back-up with a big investment in parts and some 55 service engineers with fully-equipped mobile workshops.  The HDK range of golf buggies and utility vehicles is available from Lister Wilder depots across the south of England and at the Lister Wilder stand (K100) at SALTEX 2015 at the NEC, Birmingham on 4 and 5 November. 

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