TuffTrak provides temporary access solutions

TuffTrak provides temporary access solutions
In environments where there is the movement of heavy plant and equipment, bad weather will significantly jeopardise health and safety and financial and environmental risks associated with projects requiring temporary access.

With construction projects working to tight deadlines and budget costs, bad weather can have catastrophic effect on project performance.  

Weather impacts, not only the working conditions, but also the safety of site personnel and equipment. With health and safety a priority in today's business it is, therefore, important to carefully assess and deploy equipment required to protect your business from unnecessary risk.  
Temporary access solutions are a "˜must' for all construction projects, particularly where heavy equipment operates alongside a pedestrian workforce.

Many projects still use construction plywood to create roadways, however, plywood suffer severely during winter months from lack of grip especially when iced over. TuffTrak is therefore, critical for safely moving heavy equipment to and around site, reducing the risks of accident and injury.

Made from 100% recycled polyethylene, the TuffTrak heavy duty road mat from Zigma Ground Solutions offers a unique and efficient solution to decrease the probability of skids and slips.  

Tufftrak has been tried and tested in many extreme weather and ground conditions worldwide and is proven as a market leader in delivering safe and robust temporary access roads or working platforms for cranes.

Specifically engineered to operate in the extremes that winter can throw at us, TuffTrak provides a temporary road that adapts to the ground without the need for preparatory work, speeding up deployment and once deployed, it delivers ultimate grip in all weather conditions.

TuffTrak's unique chevron traction system, with its rugged nub design, dispels mud and snow as vehicles traverse, delivering optimal traction and safety for personnel and equipment.

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