Washpad water recycling becomes more affordable

Washpad water recycling becomes more affordable
Highspeed Group has just made legal compliance that much easier and certainly less expensive with their latest promotion celebrating ClearWater's 14th year.

Ever aware that many washing vehicles and machines wish to be compliant but worry about the cost, Highspeed has announced £750 worth of savings when buying a ClearWater system.

Highspeed's continual development of ClearWater and their desire to offer quality at competitive prices has ensured cost savings but certainly not cost-cutting. This is exemplified in the impressive "supplied as standard" kit list that includes items often not seen on other products or listed as extras.

Free first year microbes are included now, along with free crash barrier (for hose mounts), free upgrade to the new fully galvanized grass and silt trap and a free clippings barrow. Two hoses fitted with high pressure wash guns are standard too (each supplied by its own high power stainless steel pump), as is an oil alarm and auto shut-off valve to protect the treated water.  

Reducing Costs Further. Besides the offer, ClearWater purchasers have other possible ways to see further cost savings:  
  • Self-Install. This option, not available from others, is taken by over 60% of ClearWater's customers who carry out the civils work (installing the tank and washpad) with Highspeed carrying out commissioning.
  • Tax Savings. As ClearWater is an officially approved water saving technology (WTL Reg. no. 01255), those making taxable profits can write off 100% of the cost of investing in ClearWater, the installation and other associated costs under the ECA scheme (Enhanced Capital Allowances). Tax savings in excess of £3K are typical.
  • VAT refunds. At present a number of clubs are receiving VAT refunds following the latest HMRC announcement regarding VAT on Greens Fees. This alone has stimulated ClearWater enquiries.
As Highspeed's MD David Mears said: "With self-install and tax savings under the ECA scheme, it is not unreasonable for a ClearWater customer to be able to see savings on the whole project of £6000 - £8000. This on top of the £750 worth of savings with our offer means washpad water recycling with ClearWater is truly the most affordable way to compliance."

With legal compliance becoming more pressing, maybe it could be said that there's never been a better time to Buy and Comply.

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