Wildflower Turf rehomes reptiles to allow residential development to go ahead

Residential developments are never without their challenges, and a recent project in Kent saw Wildflower Turf coming to the rescue of a community of reptiles.

A new, large residential development in Maidstone was presented with an ecological challenge pre-construction phase. The development, by Weston Homes, received an ecological survey that revealed that slow worms were on site in 2016 and these had to be relocated before construction could get underway.

Mark Hanton Studio and Middlemarch Environmental Ltd specified Landscape 34 Wildflower Turf http://bit.ly/2xENoYo to provide a fast growing, UK native, tall natural habitat in order to create safe receptor sites so the reptiles could be relocated in a protected environment. Stage 1 of installation, by Times Construction, began in late March 2017. It was important to get the turf laid before bird nesting season started. The first installation of Wildflower Turf was allowed to mature to ensure that the first batch of reptiles were able to be translocated in late summer.

Stage 2 turf has just been installed this month. Further phases of development over the next two years will finalise the site with a new pond and fully landscaped grounds, including formal gardens.

To date, Times Construction has taken over 1,300m² of Landscape 34 Wildflower Turf, and feedback from all parties involved has been very positive.

Wildflower Turf is the UK’s leading bio-diverse turf supplier. Contact the team on 01256 771222 for further information or visit them online at http://www.wildflowerturf.co.uk.

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